Sunday, January 08, 2006

let's get it: knicks finally motivate

and it's... trois! larry's widdled down the lineup and players are starting to play. the smiles! did you see these guys smiling? they're having fun finally! the hi fives! look how brokeback these guys are! larry's pumping up his point guard and steph is totally coming through. for the knicks AND my 'dirty kurty slacker' fantasy team! 25 points 15 dimes. nooo big deal. 23/12, 32/10, 16/11 in the 3 before today. where're the boos now? this guy is elite f all the haters.

david lee looks strong too. frye is a trooper coming off the bench. and big mo came through with some crucial baskets. since we're not getting a lottery pick this year we might as well try to finish .500 right?

rad man report: 30 pts, 10/12, 8/10 threes. he shot the lights out but i'm pissed at the 0 stls 0 blks and 3 rebounds. so far after becoming a starter i'd give him a B-. what can i say he needs to play more D.

last night i climbed a streetlight pole to get a jeezy 'certified platinum' poster. sorry street team that shit is going up in my living room next to the colin meloy moz drawing and a silver jews steve keane painting. i'm a douche!

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