Monday, January 09, 2006

rad man report- 1/9/06

an interesting line tonight. 15 points. 5-15 from the field. 1-7 from 3. 12 rebs. 6 offensive. 0 blocks/steals.

the 0 blocks/steals pissed me off [38 minutes and not ONE steal?]. the 5-15 from the field will happen when you're a bomber, especially when iggy is on the floor. iggy takes his D game to the max every night [but his steals are down from last season wtf]. 12 rebounds is really nice. but i think a lot of them came late in the 4th with some tip-in put-backs. still, i like the 38 minutes, but you have to figure the lack of D is hurting the sonics. i bet reggie evans finds his back back to the lineup soon. eh, i don't really give a shit about the sonics, but i'm talking fantasy here!

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