Thursday, September 14, 2006

chris thomson got fat!

in LA i also scored a copy of the red eyed legends' 'the high when i feel when i'm low' CD for like, a buck. let's take a stroll down the best punk singer of all-time's history... ok!

circus lupus: rad! totally sweet!
los mordidas: even better. but only a couple 7"s [one 7" and one split with Mukilteo Fairies]. so psyched.
the monorchid: the best of all. they were so fucking great. i wouldn't change a thing
skull control: can the monorchid get back together. i mean, this band is good, i'm just saying.
and finally, this red eyed legends band on GSL records.

i guess there's a reason no one really heard about this. it's good, but not nearly as interesting or urgent as all the rest of the stuff chris thomson has done. am i just being nostalgic? there's a shitty dub remix on here too. but i'm glad he's still keeping the dream alive. no folk records here... and any CT material is good material as far as earl is concerned

oh shit! this is a real band! they have a myspace page! i'm a fan!


Anonymous said...

they have another EP out that's better.

earl boykins said...

really? what's it called?

Anonymous said...

mutual insignificance