Friday, September 15, 2006

shreddie lives

ken gave me a copy of the album a few weeks ago but that fucking thing doesn't play in my computer or on my shitty boombox in my room. oh cruel fate! it's like a tales from the crypt scenario... 'you will be waiting for an amazing band's new album... you will get the album early from your friend... then it will not play on any of your devices... mwahahaha!'

so last night was the hold steady record listening party at hi-fi. and they did it right! the record is awesome, of course. they jammed it super loud on the PA and we were a bunch of air-guitaring fools. not as crazy as the last two but i need to really spend some time with it. btw the album art fucking sucks. possibly one of the worst covers ever. hellooo used-bin vibes. the should've hired that photographer nocitoschmellingwildman to shoot it...

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