Wednesday, September 06, 2006

long, strange trip

ok! the temporary residence showcase at bowery! i was chuffed! it was gonna be great! i bought my tickets a month beforehand!

friday. envy. amazing. really. so much fun. huge, beautiful, melancholy guitars with a cookie monster vocalist. they played jams. people clapped. some crowd surfed. it was kinda rad. i was totally into it other than the japanese talking over some more 'sensitive' moments. all in all, a spectacular show! why aren't they playing BB kings!?

saturday. explosions. a great band that's had all this billy bob thrown upon them. ok dudes, the movie was fine, but really, people freak out on that movie too much. i think i heard the phrase 'friday night lights' 15 times that night. ok so a great band, that is victim [or beneficiary] of a very average-to-good movie. good for them. there was love. it was slightly boring. some swooned. some looked at their watches. they played some new jams, which were great. i will be waiting for the new record like a douche...

sunday. mono. what can i say? a sleepy first 20 minutes, then beautiful shit. i'm saying. it was almost perfect. they played 'halcyon [beautiful days]' and my jaw was dropped for 5 minutes. stole the show. i thought to myself, 'perfect', over and over.

mono wins for posterity. envy wins for fun. explosions wins for nostagia. too much of this music is too much. i have nothing else to say.

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