Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Stephon Marbury would love to have Garnett in New York"

no shit stephon! and i'd like to sleep on a pile of money and have rites of spring play my living room this saturday! douche!

"Kevin has had more success than I've had," he said. "I really can't put myself in his situation. My situation has been a lot more grueling. I've had to defend myself with the media as a person and as a basketball player."

toosh stephon... would you take a paycut to get garnett on the knicks? and let's say the knicks even got garnett, they'd still be fucked. at this point one super [SUPER] star won't put the team over the top, there needs to be a complete overhaul. starting with dolan! actually, i like the team the way it is... fucked up, young, grumpy, and weird! please can the season start already? dammit!

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Anonymous said...

it was around this time of year last year that i got jazzed about the knicks getting larry brown and eddy curry, so i won't get ahead of myself, especially with the first month of the season schedule looking as tough as it does.
however, if marbury can work together well with francis and isiah plays the young players(Channing, Lee, Renaldo,Nate) over the vets (Mo taylor, Malik Rose, Jalen Rose, Quentin Richardson) then this can be a .500 team, I'm sure of it.
the only goal they should have this year besides being an eigth seed is to beat the shite out of NJ and Chicago because they're as much the enemy now as they ever were in the 90's (paxon and kidd must be paid back for their knick transgressions).
KG, who knows if he'll ever get moved. who would minnesota want for KG, perhaps Crawford plus Channing Frye? I doubt he's coming to NY.