Monday, September 18, 2006

what do i do? what do i do? without you?

new mountain goats! 'get lonely' late i know, but hey, i'm a slacker.

and it's so great! i've been on a bit of a darnielle tear as of late. been jamming 'hot garden stomp' to 'sunset tree' to 'we shall all be healed'. i used to drive around in high school blasting 'hot garden stomp'... 'you were quiet for a while and that was nice, then you came along with your questions... always questions... i hear you talking... shut up...' tapes, man. they were rad.

aaanyway 'get lonely', a good 13 years later, is a perfect progression. this record is a heavy one... how is this guy not happy yet? he sounds more miserable than ever, and content with it. instead of 'dying to tell you he was dying' back in 1994, it feels like he's telling us now 'i'm willing to tell you i'm fucking miserable, if you're interested'. this makes for an awesome record i think. i feel like it's complicated, but not really...

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