Wednesday, September 06, 2006

is your sister in love?

ratatat/envelopes at the bowery!

envelopes was a question mark. as i was eating delicious tacos i thought, 'could the 'lopes be playing right now and i'll miss it?'. they played, and i was there [thankfully], and i love them. so good. so awkward! is your sister in love? who knows but a bunch of 30+ year-olds from europe romped through a set of smile/fist pumping '1990's' anthems. really they were so great. 'REAL MUSIC' they shouted as they struggled hitting notes and vocal keys. calvin johnson where art thou? [other than playing shitty DJ gigs in basements].

ratatat. love them as a band. bad show. foam thumbs? trans am projections? argh! XL is ruining them. please they need someone to say 'you guys don't need your record release at hiro [to much disaster] and the shiney puma shirts might be a bad idea'. they get love from me. and they played a good show. fine. jacob on the keys was a nice, new developement. i have faith. maybe i've just seen them too much...

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