Saturday, September 30, 2006

'this is a pretty sweet place for dipset to play'

jim james acoustic at that weird synagogue on norfolk for the fader mag release... there were candles everywhere... it wasn't crowded... they were serving cheap beer in aluminum bottles... good vibes! and jim james totally killed it! he played 10 or so jams and wailed through them. they sounded like new songs completely, and the shitty casio keyboard was right up my alley. no 'i will sing you songs' or 'one big holiday', but that's ok.

it took me a hot second to get into my morning jacket, and there are moments that i don't like, but it's hard not to admit that this guy writes great songs.

i didn't care for his rants about 'lifestyle' and 'hot sauce' as he puts it [check the link]. i mean, he's on a magazine cover behind a [great] rapper who raps about selling drugs and making money. what hot sauce is jim using? hey i'd put jeezy in front of him too, i'm just saying.

and of course he supports his weird lifestyle... but he writes great songs and sells out venues... jim we have to work our 9-5 jobs to afford your $25 tickets. why don't you give your album away then instead of going through a major label?

i dunno i just don't like how every acoustic performance has to have an anti-corporate undertone. this isn't protest music... and i'm glad! he was fucking amazing! congrats fader!

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