Wednesday, September 20, 2006

toosh report 9/20/06 and/or pitchfork r.i.p.

first line: "There's plenty afoot in the metal underground-- it's the mainstream version that desperately needs a new set of heroes."
last line: "Please welcome the new monsters of rock."

man, they have been OFF in the last year. i don't entirely hate on pitchfork. i think they're fine, but the 'best new music' section this year has been baffling. almost arbitrary! who's editing these legions of writers?

ok albeit stosuy is probably my fave writer on this site, but the new mastodon as the 'greatest big-time metal crew on earth'? 'remission' was great. totally great. 'leviathan' was bad. kinda bad. 'blood mountain' sucks. ok so you're a hardcore mastodon fan and you like all three. but, 'Please welcome the new monsters of rock.'? gush much? there's gotta be some better nu-metal out there to gush about...

bands noted? jehu? josh homme? mars volta? i just don't know... those are pretty lite references...

the album gets a 3.1... stosuy as a music writer gets a 8.3... and pitchfork post 2005 gets a 3.7

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