Monday, September 25, 2006

top 10 redux redux

top 10 records from 2006. monday, september 26. it's casual!

10. jesu- silver ep
9. camera obscura- let's get out of this country
8. lil wayne- dedication 2
7. TI- king
6. destroyer- rubies
5. sonic youth- rather ripped
4. silversun pickups- carnavas
3. mountain goats- get lonely
2. islands- return to the sea
1. beirut- gulag orkestar

who else thought the walkmen covers record is amazing? that one's great. the hold steady is disappointingly not on here. no annuals- the ending chorus of 'dry clothes' is the ugliest thing ever. the islands are still rad despite their rap song. still gotta hear the excepter record. dr dog would've been on here but the album is coming out in 2007. white magic would be close. half the tv on the radio album is zzz city. anyone heard the new ludacris? i bet killa season gets back on the list by december. did i miss anything?



psyched you like that walkmen covers record. i think it's great. reminds me of old albums, where half would be amazing and half would be like 'how did this end up on the album?? oh, right, you were high!" maybe that's cuz it's a cover of an old album made by a dude who was high at the time.

earl boykins said...

the walkmen record is great. it feels relaxed...

half drunk, half stoned.