Friday, September 22, 2006

'i can't feel my face' prequel

i caved and got the mick boogie tape, before the drama tape. there are a million new songs on here, so i was swayed. what can i say i've turned around on 'dedication 2' and julez' stuff has always been great, but always better as a compliment to cam, or in this case, wayne!

this is great, obviously. i'm too lazy to start quoting lines, but they're funny trust me. this is kind of a fantasy tape for me, but i wish cam was on here. he's to busy filming killa season 2. c'mon they have to edit 200 hours of tom-foolery to a 3.5 hour epic. will it be about dealing drugs? i hope so!

go ahead and get this tape. the drama one will be better but it's taking them forever...

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