Monday, September 18, 2006

the new grizzly bear LP

"yellow house". now how are you going to avoid talking about the animal collective biting? they're in close proximity of eachother, the both have animal references in their names [in not just the word, 'animal'], and they sound very very similar. yeah, the griz are probably huge fans [do they deny it] of AC, but who isn't?

the new one tries harder to find its own voice, but it's still dave portner stylings everywhere. and it's not all that bad- there are moments of radness, but i just can't shake the comparison. at their best GB sound like a sloppy, big, jam band. at their worst the sound like a lot of other songs you've heard before. a nice revord cover, well produced songs. good, well produced songs!

but it's still totally biting, dudes!


Anonymous said...

wow. so don't see that. multiple vocals=animal collective biting? their songs are way more structured, less yelping than AC. i'm afraid your post is just lazy blogging.

both are quite their own thing, IMO
but who am I
just another blogger

earl boykins said...

haha 'just lazy blogging' is an understantement!

'feels' had tons of structure... actually, there's little to no improvisation on AC collective songs...

3 songs on this GB record sound a lot like 'banshee beat' to me. who's yelping?