Sunday, September 24, 2006

reagan youth at tompkins sq park

hardcore is cool. have you heard? kind of a rad set up for this show... a stage in the middle of the park and people walking around it. but it's amazing to me how little to no progression this genre has made in 25 years. just going through the motions... slam dancing. barely. 'are you hurt?' 'my mom's gonna kill me when she sees the bruise on my arm'. seriously it was all kids, except for the super bitter older hardcore fans standing and glaring at each other. and showing off their ink. it looks like blobs, dudes.

i was kinda weirded out by the scene.... oh, the music you ask? pretty boring. 'this song is about the man! ok 1-2-3-4! fuck the man! fuck the system! i'm awesome!'. there's great hardcore stuff out there. today i was not lucky enough to hear it.

it felt so much more crucial in 1993... or when you're a kid i guess. damn those shirts looked cool. i mean look cool.

haha i'm a grumpy old man!

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