Monday, September 25, 2006

boys and girls in amercia

new hold steady. i've spent some time with it this weekend... and i have to say it's disappointing! there're some jams for sure. charlamagne makes a re-appearance, it's still craig singing, the band is all there from what i can tell, but it just never hits the peaks of the last two. 'chips ahoy' was leaked weeks ago, and even though that track jams, i thought we were in store for some more epic moments. but 'chips ahoy' is kind of the highlight.

the tempo kinda drags, and it's loose, but i expected a lot more from this band... i mean, they're great. sure, the songs will make more sense live but after 7 listens to this album i'm not totally feeling it...



true. the first and last songs rock, tho.

earl boykins said...

there are 3-5 jams. but when it was over i got that feeling

'is that it?'