Saturday, August 26, 2006

get off my lawn!

ra ra riot at piano's tonight. the next 'big' 'thing'? hm. a fun band? hm. am i glad i went to the show? totally! before the 'he's old and a hater' thought settles in, mind you we went there swimming upstream against all the syracuse 19 year-olds looking for vodka. and i'm glad i did! and they were totally average! it's hard talking about a band that has members with the mean age of 19, but let's compare them to another crew of undergrads... the annuals? song strength? annuals. fun level? annuals. longevity? annuals. quality? annuals. but what does that all mean anyway?

good for rrr. they're doing it. i love them for that. i don't love them for the fact that their songs sound like arcade fire covers [literally] and they're hardly a band, let alone people who might even be 'friends'. chalk one up to college, weirdness, and trying things out. we all did it. 'your mom used to be in a band! we played new york city! i was a staaar'

ok not so severe but you catch my 'drift'. pitchfork 6.1 if all that was too convoluted.

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Anonymous said...

i love ra ra riot.