Tuesday, August 29, 2006

'and we barely fear the rain'

elvis perkins/dr dog/walkmen- mccarren pool

it was raining. it was cold. it was sunday. the L wasn't running. and the 6000 capacity pool was filled with 80 people. maybe. elvis perkins played. his record is good. his record is great! this show was bad. sooo bad. instead of the weepy lullabies he romped his way through a 'frat guy' honkey tonk set. oh well. inevitable with him, but i just didn't think so soon in his career...

the crowd was certifiably grumpy by the time the dog came on and, not surprizingly, they turned all those frowns upside down! people were swooning, walking quickly towards the stage, and looking at their friends mouthing the word 'WOW'. really, it was a great show in bad conditions. and their set is evolving! new songs mixed in with the classics. and an encore! of 'fuckit'! they looked like they were having a great time up there. home run! i can't be any more hyped about this band! they are right up there for me! more more more!

the walkmen played a less than inspired set to round out the day. the crowd had grown considerably since elvis, and the plowed through a few new songs off their cover record, a lot of jams from their last 'proper' record, and some hits. they're one of my fave bands that played a sleepy set today, but how could you blame them? it was the greyest day all summer. and it was already getting 'back to school' dark outside.

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