Thursday, August 17, 2006

did marbury talk to ian?

the new marburys only cost $15? that's like dischord back in the day refusing to charge over $8 bucks for a CD. well done starbury you did something right! you can clown someone for those weird magic johnson cheap shoes cause the were ugly and still cost 50$, but for $15? what're you gonna say to that? 'your $15 look like how marbury plays!' which is not cheaply and/or without drama, but we're talking f-i-f-t-e-e-n bucks. rad!

now can a major label come out and sell CD's for $4? you kinda want to dare them. 'pay $4 for something we all know you can get for free'


Anonymous said...

I saw Starbury on CNN hawking those things. We used to call no-name brands 'bobos' when I was a kid.

Yo I found a Knick at the world championships-

and Sam Vincent is the coach. Fantastic. I'm going to Sendai. Fuck Serbia yo.

joshuawildman said...

when i save up 15 you know i am straight to the store, did you hear starbury on dan patrick awesome

earl boykins said...

wildman those shoes have your name all over them

starbury shoes with a rockers t-shirt! coney island will love you