Tuesday, August 22, 2006

'... and thats a pretty nice haircut'

the boston massacre aftermath! cashman 5, theo 0. sure the janks took on the salaries of abreu, lidle, and wilson, but i guess you have to spend money to make money. trading deadline maneuvers. we got a guy who's overpaid but is holding a .500 OBP with the yanks, a starter who's already won 2 big games for us, and an all-purpose utility guy who can play catcher! and had a legitimate mullet!

so with giambi and abreu the yanks have 2 on-base machines. it's almost like money ball, but instead of underpaying for OBP, cashman overpays for it! and to success! abreu being on base lets posada and cano swing free. and then you're right back up there with damon and jeter.

it's hard to hate the sox as much as i used to though. millar and mueller? sure. douchebags. varitek too. but papi and manny? those guys are fucking gangster! manny can't speak english! and he grew up next to the stadium! not mad at coco crisp either. cocaine crips! wells? nah he's bro-ish. papelbon is actually kinda rad too. we need more assholes on the sox to make this rivalry good again... although i didn't hate oil can boyd at all. clemens? jim rice? now that's a whole different story...

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Anonymous said...

it's funny, I was just thinking I can't hate The Yankees as much anymore. What's the point? It's like hating a refrigerator or general motors.
I'm so infuriated by their emotionless, wan efficiency! That Jete-nor 2006 series baseball playing cyborg/electric toaster really burns my ass!

Nope, it just doesn't work.

Go Mets.