Sunday, August 13, 2006

not into it

deerhoof and beirut at mccarren pool aka come to life. deerhoof filled mccarren pool today with billyburg's finest. a fun enough venue with a decent sound system. i liked a few deerhoof songs acouple albums ago, but now i can say that i'm not feeling this band at all. at all.

sure, the drummer is crazy. he's almost entertaining enough to watch alone, and the guitars sounds good to me. it's the singing and posturing that i can't stand. say what you will about cultural stereotypes and irony, but in the end it's just some blackface stuff. i understand the japanese fetishizing thing well enough, but the levels in which deerhoof's fanbase has taken it is baffling. it's kind of offensive and needless. i dunno, the songs meander and gain/lose steam sure, but the real response has always been this posturing. the cuteness. is this commentary? who cares! it's a tiny asian girl doing a song and dance... and people eat it up with this 'other' fanaticism. a very 'cool' band i'll give them that. count me out.

beirut played beforehand and i enjoyed that. the hits sounded great and he seemed confident. the mighty mighty bosstone guy was uneeded and unwanted [as usual], but the songs are good. i'm looking forward to seeing them again in the near future, some really nice moments from them in this daunting venue...



yeah, i second that emotion. i'd actually always avoided deerhoof on record cuz of the ridiculous singing style & lyrics (pandas? fo reals? awww...) but i was kinda impressed live by their musicianship. will i listen to their cds now? no. it still makes me feel weird. but they were pretty fun for a sunny sunday afternoon. like seeing primus stoned in '91.

bring on dr dog and the walkmen!!! arrr!!!!

earl boykins said...

the drummer for deerhoof is killer. he sounded great. but that band gives me the heebie jeebies. i've seen them 5 times now randomly. i offically really dislike them.

oh i forgot to mention the violin player from beirut's sideways trucker hat. irony not unlike deerhoof. i hope it's ironic at least. zzzz. what you want i bet she's 19 years old.

[hopefully] good weather + dr dog + walkmen = not mad