Monday, August 07, 2006

5 year, 30 mil

so grunfeld decided not to match the knicks 5 year offer to jared jeffries. fine! we still have a bit of a log jam what with Q, rose, and francis, but defense? sure. i like it. did the knicks overpay? of course they did! but it's something in the right direction. his stats are modest at besy but maybe isiah can turn him into a stopper. hoosier pride?

grunfeld kind of gave the knicks the finger by signing stevenson, probably the same or better forward as jeffries for the minimum, but as i see it, this signing prevent the miles for Q trade, which would have been shitty [if not completely ironic]. is it me or do you guys think Q might step up his game this year? dude still has that 'upside' thing going on. when he's on and healthy, he's kinda a sick player...

this off season has been awful for the knicks [surprise surprise], but at the very least we have an overpaid team with incredible depth, little or no heart, and a coach with something to prove. welcome to the madison square jungle! wa waaa...

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Anonymous said...

I like the optimism. This could be the year?

Still, kind of painful to hear Ernie Grunfeld's name after the last 7 years. That fat fuck from Hollis Queens got some good Knicks in his day.
I'll be happy if Isiaih improves on last year and his record as head of the CBA. Oh wait, it would be impossible not to.
I just found out that Cazzie Russell is the head coach of SCAD (Savannah College of Art&Design).

I'm looking at Cazzie Russell for head coach with assistants Patrick Ewing and John Starks or any combination thereof.