Wednesday, August 23, 2006


the blow look like the most annoying band ever. i think i'll definitely skip them live.

this clip looks like an SNL skit!


imperialffrr said...

HOLY FUCK. that gave me a headache. they're on K? calvin has to stop going for cute and more on substance.

earl boykins said...

well, the live clip is horrible

but the album and myspace songs are good. calvin's doing his thing, that's what i always liked about him. sure it's all too cute but it's not like he's gonna turn around and put out endless boogie records. even 'black anger' was like, 'awww'

the blow have just as much 'substance' as most bands. people will love their shows. it just gives some of us the heebie jeebies... record yes. live? hell no.