Tuesday, August 29, 2006


dino jr at warsaw. fucking shredding. i mean, he took it there... fucking SHREDDING. 2 marshall stacks with a fender twin... just ripping. and it wasn't just ripping for the sake of it, it was a part of songs, melodic, epic, etc. the irving plaza show was a tiny bit better and i was tired to start off this show, but mascis is mascis. amazing. obviously 'freak scene' was the highlight but these songs are part of a huge part of me. lame as it may sound, hearing 'little fury things' live when you're now 24 is a special thing. it reminds me of better times, and when J didn't have to open up for 'the shins'. what a 'relic'. i had a blast.


Alty Randy said...

Nice to see your blog!,
My name is Randy, from Indonesia!

imperialffrr said...

i saw them a few months ago and they killed it. i think i wrote about it on here. that show was LOUD LOUD LOUD...great stuff