Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"my cartoon network ass... i watch spongebob!"

another young buck tape. '2006' and like the others? totally forgettable. not too much comedy here, standard beats, rapping about money, platinum albums, and the south. solid enough though. not too many skits [jamie foxx is really fancy on this one], and a ton of produced songs. if you can tolerate the 50/lloyd banks style of raps this one's great. 'Money In The Bank' with scrappy is the weirdest and best track on this one...

these days i don't really get amped for a tape unless it's drama, smallz, dipset, or if it has a basketball player on the front. but even those are dubious. buck is fine enough. standard cadence, scary voice, etc. maybe i just don't get this g unit thing. i'd just so prefer someone rapping about i.b.s. than money. not to say that money can't be funny, but you know what i mean.

the drama/dro tape is older but i got that too. after the buck tape? this one is great! the beats are funny, weird, and catchy. the rapping is hilarious 'iceberg goofy! YUP! cops want to do me! YUP i live like a movie! YUP!'. this is why i buy tapes. sure dro's album will come out and i won't really care enough to get it, but a $4 tape on my way to buy a sandwich? oui! the only blemish is pharrell. surprise surprise... he fucking sucks! anyway, drama makes fun tapes what can i say? dro isn't the best rapper at all, but with drama? great stuff... into it!

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