Tuesday, August 29, 2006

don't forget me

walkmen's 'pussy cats' record review! i have strong love for this band. i get weepy to most of their songs. i really think they're a special band. 'one hundred miles off'? kind of a slack record with some moments thrown here and there, but not nearly what everyone was expecting? are they bored? over it? having fun? or just not that good? i thought they were just slightly over it, but with the release of 'pussy cats', it's clear they're not only not over it, they're living the dream!

ok so the record is fine. lennon, nilsson, and dylan covers are going to have an expected result, but i can't help but feel it's a response to the reaction they knew they would get after '100 miles' came out. and the statement is, 'we're trying to have fun! and if it means putting out a so-so record along with what we REALLY needed to do [the covers] in order to keep this whole thing interesting, it's fine!' every artist has their dips. a 'what are we doing now' moment. and this record is a naked representaion of that. chalk this one up to process.

so is it good? hm. it's ok. is the idea good? yes, definitely. why? cause it feels like they had to do it.

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