Tuesday, August 01, 2006

that makes 5!

the blazers landed magloire this week, and with joel p [big fan!], zach 'no D' randolph, raefer madness, and aldridge that makes 5 bigs! pretty impressive. they also got brandon roy and jarret jack. steve blake was nice from time to time sure but for a bonafied big like magloire? what a steal! maybe things are turning around in portland. you gotta think either darius, zach, or both are on their way out of town... maybe for a PG? or a SG? this could be interesting. if they add, say allen iverson [wishful thinking] for z-bo and miles, that could be a really sick team! the sixer wouldn't be entirely pissed either. or maybe they would.

oh and btw the wizards matched the knicks' offer to jefferies. great. isiah?


Anonymous said...

Hey what players interest you on team USA? I'm trying to decide if I want to take a trip up to Hokkaido to catch the fun blowout games or just wait for the knockout rounds in Saitama. Tickets is stoopid expensive. Ken needs to make a few phone calls on his celebrity media bat phone and get me comped all the way through.

I wish there was a Knicks connection. I miss the Knicks being at all relevant to Basketball. PKing on the original '92 dream team. Even weak-ass Houston played for them didn't he?

Alone with my memories,

Ken's friend J in Japan.

earl boykins said...

sup j

i don't really go nuts for exhibitions, but there are some sick players on this year. lebron in-person is crazy. he's noticeably faster and bigger than any guy on him. chris paul? d howard?

battier and bowen are kinda buzzkills too. you can't tell me that AI isn't as good defensively as any G in the world. he should be there for sure...

the knicks don't have any player that could rep on this team. steph? ugh. francis maybe? zzz city. i'm getting nostalgic for allan houston!

Anonymous said...

Well I doubt I'll be watching 'I can set a pick' Battier or oldman Bowen no matter how many minutes I can get.
I bet LJ (no not that one) is ill live.
How about international stars besides the obvious ones.

Can you really call it an exhibition if it's sanctioned by FIBA? (silliness intended).
It is the closest thing we have to a Basketball World Cup or whatever, maybe less prestigious than the Olympics but basically the same thing.

I'd like to see the NBA Finals winner play the winner of Europe's tournament (I think it was an Israeli team last year). That would be more interesting to me.