Wednesday, December 07, 2005

why did the knicks have to go and shit on matt barnes?

he starts opening day, hustles, gives us a spark, then rides the pine. then he's in a suit. then he's released to waivers so we can pick up... Q woods! ok i know people make mistakes and athletes' problems get blown way out of proportion, but how do you say to a judge 'yeah, i fight dogs, and i accidentally tortured the hell out of one and probably others that you got no evidence to throw at me'. i'm not a vegetarian or super weird about animal rights, but how you gonna torture a dog for fun?!

now Q's on the knicks. i'm sooo excited for his 1.5/2 averages. drop this fool and get matt barnes back.



word. i like how isiah said he was someone "larry wanted" (ie: don't blame me for screwing matt barnes), but that he should be forgiven for his youthful mistakes. errr... busted smoking weed = youthful mistake. (actually, not even a mistake, really, cept the busted part.) torturing dogs? maybe now that qyntel is in NYC he can talk to DMX and straighten things out. oh, and shut up with the demarr johnson comparisons.

Tom Perignon said...

we're just bummed that there aint gonna be any Barnesman jersey. What, a Rockies jersey that say Barmesman?

Unknown said...

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