Saturday, December 10, 2005

the griz

look at these sweet throwbacks the grizzlies were wearing on friday. they're kinda awesome! of course if i had my say there'd be a slight modification...

i also checked out grizzly bear last night and they were definitely not as awesome as damon stoudemire's new fabric. i thought at best they sounded like U2 'joshua tree' era, which is not bad at all, but the jams were too tender. and off-key. and long. i've seen them before and they were good. wha happened? maybe next time...

tyondai braxton and soft circle killed it a little for me. who's mad at weird house beats and crooning through an alvin and the chipmunks filter? surprisingly not me!

i felt like i had 2 left feet last night. spilling drinks on people and getting tongue tied. some people thought i was douche-y for sure. such is life!

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