Tuesday, December 06, 2005


31! 11! 2! 4 blocks! much respect to dirk. i give it up to the dudes who hold it down eveny night while josh smith gets highlight reel coverage at single digit averages. dirk! AI! jamison! duncan! arenas! Z! YAO! t mac! these guy are solid! and many more dudes i'm forgetting! and look at walter in this picture. a nyk draft pick!

i'm watching the jim valvano clip on sportcenter and it's super sad. remember him on the crosby show? as a mover? he was a good dude. jimmy V i'm bummed that you died. i really am.

and another weird note. a feel bad for Q and his bro. that's heavy.

good lookin JC you came through. chuzzill on the wins though i want a lottery pickey over the automatic 1st round exit

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