Friday, December 23, 2005

johnny damon report

cashman was on with benigno today and that guy is really on point. he was all 'don't get too worked up. things go wrong in baseball. i'm trying my best' this lineup is just so stacked. f a salary cap but i'm all for a salary minimum. teams gotta spend more so we don't have any more KC vs NY snoozers. though last year they whooped us. who wants to check out some games with me this year?

so the new panda bear is amazing! i know there are only two songs but they fuck me up! 'comfy in nautica' is on some ac/vashti levels. one of the top jams of the year i declare! i'm not surprised though it's impossible to hate anything these guys do.sometimes i wish i was younger just so i could listen to animal collective as a 16 year old. i wonder if i would've ended up a pothead...

soldiers of fortune killed it a little last night too. i was gonna go home after the rocko arcabascio dinner but i swung by to check out mikey bones' set. those guys shred, there no other way to put it. i'm bummed i missed the lamas. i bumped into olivia on the street and she goes, 'i'm not phil, you know'. all asians look alike it's true!

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