Thursday, December 15, 2005

nooo big deal. just some shredders

it's 1/4 into the season and i just want to give it up for some players. sheed is rad. fuck you if you hate him. have you seen his threes?! thanks for carrying my 'pilate divac' fantasy team. also chris paul. damn that guy is good. wake produces some good players. hello to the second round fantasy wise next year. paul pierce got stabbed a million times and walked himself to the hospital. how cam is that? and this year he doesn't have toine ruining his game. shredding! and finally b knight. f raymond felton! ok i don't hate feltron but b knight's been shafted his whole career. and all he does is ball. fuckit he should've been nightcrawler in the x-men movies! no disrespect to dwight howard, ricky davis, TD, channing rye, chauncey, AI, bron bron, brand [!], and all those other rad players. f artest and iguadala. you guys are my favorites and totally sucking right now.

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