Monday, December 19, 2005


i caught the classic game replay on NBA TV. the LJ 4 point shot game. and you know what? i got all choked up at the end! i seriously loved that team. spre! a hurt ewing! camby finally busting out! houston with knees! chris childs! JVG! and LJ! LJ! this guy played with 2 bad wheels and covered the best big on the court, even if he was a foot taller. his D was insane. that team really left it all out there and i just get so emo when i think about it. it's pretty much the last time the garden saw any life. that place fucking exploded when he hit that shot! where have all the good times gone?

that game was especially emo cause mark jackson's dad died and JVG got all brokeback and was like, 'we gave mark a ride home on our plane cause we love him'.

how weird is it that antonio davis is on the knicks right now? and how weird is it that stacey augman still gets clock in the nba? and on a good team! respect! the dominique/augmon combo in nba jam was unbeatable...

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