Thursday, December 29, 2005

rome is burning

larry's talking some serious shit about steph's line last night. and i have to say he has a point. if you clock 40:12 and end up with 5/3/2 you're just not trying. you stick your hand out and you WILL get 2 steals by accident. i think we just have to accept the fact that steph doesn't have what A.I.'s got. or what chauncey's got. or what sam cassell's got. or even what nate rob's got. diving for loose balls, taking losses personal. getting angry cause your team is being disrespected. it's embarrassing. where's the fire? you'd think getting boo'ed at the garden cause of lack of hustle would make you angry. but steph looks bored. what more does he want? a max contract? check. a new york address? check. a young team? check. a hall of fame coach? check. ok he doesn't have a KG but seriously. 40 minutes and 3 dimes? 3!

i'm saying. i'm a huge steph fan, but it's just so obvious when he shuts it down. larry's not really helping him by talking shit, but this season is fucked already. who knows. it's a trainwreck. but not in the way i was looking forward to. there's not hustle! everyone looks confused or grumpy. booo

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