Thursday, December 08, 2005

... and they blew it!

the collapse was coming we all knew it. curry had a nice game, but frye had a snoozer. while we know they're directly related, i don't see what we can do about it. if they'd each average 13/7 i'd be happy with that, but no one knows what role they're gonna play any given night. larry's looking for a 'magical' combination for the first and second squad, but i think he should just stick with the same dudes. what, 'I GOT IT!!! JEROME JAMES PLAYS GREAT WITH PENNY! FINALS HERE WE COME!'

and i don't know why steph's not shooting 3's anymore. last year he averaged 1.4 a game, and this year it's 0.3. we all know larry is telling him to shoot less, but we need some downtown threats. to at least keep the defense honest, right? Q rich come back quick! jamal! no more off-balanced runners in transition preeze!

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