Sunday, December 04, 2005

he is a very very good guitar player and also very very weird looking

dino jr report? FUCKIN A!!! the highlight was either 'the wagon' or 'the post' which i was a little supriosed they played. it's K's favorite karoake jam. wtf no 'just like heaven' but they did shred 'little fury things' and 'freak scene' [of course]. i miss the epic 'where you been' jams that are all weepy and a loud as fuck. maybe j will get mike johnson back and do a 'era deux' reunion.

thanks brian for getting me in it was rad. too bad josh couldn't make it [i say that often].

just a matter of time before the sebadoh directtv concert series from jones beach. lou was kind of a dick last night. i guess some people are just assholes for life.

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