Thursday, December 15, 2005


SUCKED! ok sometimes i wonder if i have bad taste. i'm pretty sure i do. one time someone asked me 'who's better than bob dylan!?' and i said, 'SUPERCHUNK!' so i sweat the splosions pretty hard too. that last record still shreds my mind everyday. and i've seen them 5 times and everytime i loved it. yesterday? SUCKED! i know they're getting large off billy bob but they have to remember they're a fucking instrumental band, and should feel lucky people feel them. they played 1 hit, a bunch of old songs, and no encore. no encore! wtf they are not zep yet! it felt like a bullshit hip hop show, but instead of being late and sloppy, they were early and boring. i don't know if that makes sense

at least i got that mail-order EP. that's really good. sorry nocito for dragging you to the show. and to bad bars. at least you're in LA and i can't suggest going to shitty places. and i was so weird today after drinking with K dan and wildman til 5am last night, that i wandered around canal st like a zombie. somehow i ended up with 'the title stays in harlem' and 'back like cooked crack 2' those records are making me super happy right now. the comedy! i couldn't find that wayne tape K. can you dub it for me?

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