Saturday, April 08, 2006

remembered we departed from our bodies!

shit. fuck. last night the hold steady saved me from another dreary weekend. they were, how you say, FUCKING MAJOR! i kinda feel douchey for not repping this band sooner, but better late than never. they played all the jams, including the positive one. i guess they had me won over as soon as i saw them. nerds. living out their E-street band fantasy. the vibes were just perfect what can i say. there was moshing! stagediving! and no one was mad at it! well, from what i could tell. i'm saying. see this band if you like good things!

i will eat crow jason. this band is incredible.

here's some trivia: i mosh with my eyes rolled back and jump around like a weird zombie to the hold steady. and who am I?
hint: my name rhymes with the words 'say', 'way', and 'gay'

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