Wednesday, April 12, 2006

i'm walking the cow!

i knew 'the devil and daniel johnston' would be my favorite movie ever. it was going to be a lay-up. without getting too emo, this movie is fucking great! i'm saying. it made me feel super weird about everything. the footage is amazing. actual footage of that girl he's been singing about his whole life! 'i knew i was an artist when i wrote 100 songs about her'. like, WHOA! actual recordings of sonic youth yelling at him in a NJ parking lot! actual foootage from the pier platters show here he freaked out! what can i say? this is an epic movie. don't want to ruin the details for you if you're gonna see it, but some shit strait blew my mind. like the shit he pulled right after his SXSW gig. damn.

go see his show at clementine before it comes down! 27th street! wait. it might be over by now...

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