Thursday, April 27, 2006

casual music review!

finally got a full copy of the new T.I... i still claim rubberband man as his most shredding song, but this record is GOOD. i'm claiming 5-6 really good jams here. even the jamie foxx song is sweet. i guess i just like the whole vibe of this record. the slow beats, the long songs, the artwork, etc. it's good. believe the canal st hype.

juvenile- shit's pretty good too! i think it's too long, but in chunks this record jams! there's not a whole lot of range here like on the TI record, but it's still one of the better records i've heard this year. worth bothering a bro for a copy for sure!

meneguar... great! hello 90's vibe! reminds me of some reis shit jehu or hot snakes take your pick. but that's too easy. eh, anyway this EP is rad.

ladyhawk... not sold yet. better than i remembered them live, but it makes me just want to listen to okkervil again.

i've also been jamming the magnetic fields 69 love songs vol 1. that shit sounds so good to me right now. the moz is also growing on me. still sweating the dog tapes too.

how casual were those reviews? sweet!

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