Monday, April 17, 2006

i'm retarded!

i've waited this long to hear the dr. dog original tapes. they are crushing me! i can't do or think of anything else but how heavy these jams are! this is the perfect capper to my week of johnston/sebadoh lo-fo tape fanouts. seriously. scott played some songs before clap your hands this saturday and my spies reported that there were tears! i didn't really believe it then winton sent me "Love At The End Of Your Day" and i got all weird. that song is better than any bright eyes or destroyer song i've heard so far. it also shits on any death cab! it's that good! i know i know to a lot of you that no big deal, but i really love those bands!

i don't know where you can get it, but try! it's gotta be on limewire somewhere. you will not be pissed! "who do you fool with the things that you hide? is it for your sake or mine?... some things break before they can bend...'

i dunno. i think this song just made my entire summer!

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