Wednesday, April 12, 2006

make sure we get something back for this dude

we all know there'll be a firesale at the end of the season. and JC, nate, and francis are all up for grabs. well, if 'grabs' means taking on JC's and SF's ginormous contracts. nate will be a throw in when zeke trades for PJ brown.

but look at what JC's been doing since steph went out. 26/5/4 with 2 steals, and 2/5 from 3 a night! and he wants the last shot!

please zeke.
1. no more big contracts
2. keep nate as a backup
3. hold david lee
4. unload either francis or steph for a F/PF or a pick
5. sign no more players that 'remind you of yourself'
6. consider firing your douche of a coach

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