Wednesday, April 12, 2006

mixtape madness

ok let's run down some mixtapes from the last 2 weeks. some i've listened to a lot. some i've just listened to once. fuckit they cost $3. here we go!

drama&pharrell: i hate pharrell a lot i think. i think he's retarded. but based on chris ryan's suggestion i got his new tape with drama. super backpack vibe here. he uses some relections eternal beats. his voice is kind of weak. 'skateboard p'? please. bathing ape? who cares? i'm hating a little. it's a solid tape though, meaning it's well produced and sequenced well. whatever. chris still has shredding taste. i just don't like pharrell is all. although 'me too' is an awesome song. download that. save your $3 on this one.

georgia bulldogz vol 6: good! TI and jeezy sound great here! i'm into it! does slick pulla suck? i'm not sure yet... i think so

loso's way- fucking great! one of my favorite tapes! really it's really good he raps about lamar odom! i don't hate this guy at all! even though the 'gangster's rise to power' storyline is super original and fresh, fabo's got good jokes, great beats, more good jokes, and a slack delivery! i'm a fan dude! 'deuces are for laying!'

southern smoke 25- yup! another winner! not really amped on pimp C but there are some great sounding tracks here. love the scarface lil flip song! it's good. all the SS are kinda good. but this one is better than 24...

writer block 3- boring. i'm bored. i just can't get into this one.

young buck&drama- good, he's a little scary sounding. i'll get into this later, but it might be not funny enough for me.

and now... WHO ELSE BUT US? diplomats! uh, after one listen i'm a little disappointed, but there are some jams for sure. i think it might be kinda over for these guys. i dunno, i have my doubts about killa season based off cam's stuff he's leaked already. it's not that epic. 'losing my love' is great though. 'could it be i'm losing my love... for this rap shit? man i've had it!' actually, i might get really into this later. hey! i just got it!

also, i got the new green lantern but i haven't listened to it yet.

damn i have some work to do on these...

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