Saturday, November 12, 2005

why isn't anyone calling me back? i'm not pissed anymore! really!

i just made a 2 hour superchunk mix that is jamming so hard! people sleep on 'here's to shutting up' there are some good songs on there! also, '100 thousand fireflies' might be the best song ever i said it!

irene's holy grail is a sun-ra picture book. mine might be this inclined plane 7". cakeshop had a couple of the simple machines 7"'s but not this one. that rodan song is crazy. i used to have a crush on jenny toomey too. but when i think about it i don't know what i'd do with this record if i ever scored it. i would look at it, and put it on my pile of bills and papers. so if you have this thing and want to sell it, call me!



i think i got laid in college to this ep. or stoned? probably stoned.

earl boykins said...

the rodan song is really stoney. stoned then laid?