Wednesday, November 16, 2005

it was good!

so juelz actually showed up to the party! it was so janky! you couldn't hear the music at all and he would go 'that sample was good, trust me buy my album!'. and he did his verse from 'oh boy'. it was confusing, but it might have been the booze talking. i mean thinking. two thumbs up!

meanwhile, charlie villanueva goes off for 27/13 and for the first night in weeks i'm not on top of my fantasy! i've been following his stats all season and there he goes... in all my leagues! i was too drunk to pick him up. actually, too drunk to even look at my 'puter. it's ok at least i got to see k spaz out to bone thugz... it was weird cause he hates the 'B's' from the south a lot...

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