Friday, November 18, 2005

which is more mind-expanding?

eye at passerby shredding with the hammer? i couldn't really see but the show was a lot better than when the boredoms played bowery. diego got the whole show on his MD. so 90's! there was the original super roots artwork on the wall it was amazing. the rest of the show was just ok but i don't smoke. maybe i should.


zaza pachulia's rise to stardom? ok people weren't really sleeping on him, 13/9/2.1 and .9 blocks a game through 8 games? and you throw out his terrible game vs sac town and it's ridiculous! last night vs damp? well, damp is a sucker, but 21 and 12! 6 offensive! could we see okur vs zaza in a junk time all-star scenario? somehow that would make me happy

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