Thursday, November 03, 2005

who hates the TNT post game? not me!

'who he play for' featuring charles? dude i play this at the bar with any takers! noice!

also, a big 'QBQBQB' to artest for undercutting shaq tonight. a block or two would've been nice though. and maybe a couple more rebounds? good looking out on the 0 TO's. helps my f-a-n-t-a-s-y team. well, one of them.

even though i think the lakers are shit, i like shaq cause he makes funny t.v. commercials. kobe does spots where he's speaking italian in a garden. zzzz... time for the kobe 'beefy' arby's sandwich. or the subway 'kobe' steak n cheese? the burger king X3 X2 kobe burger? [3 patties 2 cheese slices] get a sense of humor you crazy rapist! boooo!

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