Tuesday, November 01, 2005

bold predictions for the 05 06

NEWEST MEMBER OF THE ALL-TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE TEAM. charlie villanuava! the dude's preseason was sick! channing who? could the raptors have totally fooled all of us? a big tmnt comeback for bonzi too. for his move to sac town and sia's bonzi's hot boyz team. both are good looks!

CAUGHT HANGING OUT LOOKING LIKE EDDIE MURPHY. dwight howard! the dude is sick! amare level sick! i'm calling out a 18/11 season with 2 blocks a game i said it! top 5 in MVP?

JR RIDER AWARD aka DAMON STOUDEMIRE IMPERSONATOR. telfair! i was thinking z-bo but i gotta go with my gut feeling with telfiar. dude is gonna get fed up in portland with the minutes and the weird dudes on his team. and hanging out with ruben patterson, z-bo and miles is not gonna help. role models they are not. busted with a joint in the ashtray and a trannie in the backseat by thanksgiving. free sebastion telfair!

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