Sunday, November 27, 2005

i've been bummed lately for sure

but alex wags' birthday was shredding. "hello my name is earl and my hobbies include eating good food with major bro's and hanging out and then going to a spot where we can hear the smiths..." irene was back! jason was being an asshole! wags was drinking weird drinks! wild dude was skanking! will was marmaduke by 2am! K danced to 'W' music! schmelling held it down! brian high-fived us on the way out! good times! ok sorry for the roll call but sometimes it's just that 'roll call' kind of moment.

so what if i ended up dancing alone to good music. i'm not mad. ok i am... haha

also, salim stoudemire fucked my head-to-head team tonight. wtf.... i dropped him for james posey. austin croshere next?

i wish i was going to miami this week...

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