Thursday, November 03, 2005

myabe we're not gonna win the championship this year

but i don't care! we got a young team, a decent coach, and a hungry 'tude! eddy even had 8 boards last night! his career average is just over 5! [WTF]. ok so the knicks lost in OT. in a big way. but the way they were dishing to EC and the fact that brown had the balls to sit crawford and give robinson and ariza playing time is nice. ariza blew that dunk but that's ok. it's just the shadow of tim thomas that will disappear soon enough.

but i'm hoping for a .500 team this year. i think the knicks will be in the playoff 'hunt', but with team like the hawks [pachulia had 9 off reb last night. 9!] and the bucks [boguts looks strong already. and who's not psyched for TJ ford?], the knicks will have to wait for one year. we're a couple expiring contracts and 1 free agent signing away from the playoffs. dudes on WFAN have to chuzzill...

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