Wednesday, November 23, 2005

'i want pancakes now, you know!'

i can't believe big Z got later'd on 'prison break' this week. ok we all saw that coming but it was lame. that show is kinda starting to suck. but what's not sucking are these KG rumors. i'm into it!

ok it's time to starting calling fools out. busts: stromile swift, pyrzbilla, james jones, raja bell, kurt thomas [everyone on this team but nash], desmond mason, josh smith, toine, damon stoudemire, jalen rose, kyle korver and rafer. RAFEEER! [in dr doom voice] i bet i can think of more...

good starts: charlie villanueva, frye, chris paul [sick], ricky davis, salim stoudamire, sean may, dwight howard [!] the cambyman, iggy, c webb, bonzi, and the usual

ok back to work. a big happy eating-day to the 5 people who read this thing! veggie turkey anyone?

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